Basic dog training in Woodinville & Bellevue, WA

Teach your pooch the basics at KGK9. Our expert trainer will transform your rowdy puppy into a perfectly obedient dog in only six weeks. During our training program, Kristi Gravrock will teach your dog basic manners, like sit, down, stay, come, walk on a leash and more. We work with both young puppies and older dogs who have never been trained. The program costs $360. Reach out to KGK9 to ask any questions about our program or to sign your dog up.

3 reasons to hire a dog trainer for the basics

Sure, you could spend all your time watching dog training videos on YouTube, but you’ve got a life to live. At KGK9, Kristi Gravrock made dog training her life. Here are three reasons to leave your pup’s training to the pro:
  1. It takes a lot of time to train a dog, and many working people don’t have that kind of flexibility in their schedules.
  2. Professional dog trainer have their own facilities to train dogs, so we don’t expose your pup to other people or strange dogs while they’re learning.Open to dogs and puppies ages 4 months and older. Any breed welcome. Through positive reinforcement, the dog will learn basic obedience behaviors including, sit, down, come, stay, walk on leash and more. Up to 4 dogs per class. 45 minute class. $360 for 6 week session
  3. Dog trainer have been doing this for years, so their training methods are proven and effective.

When you want your dog trained quickly and well, trust the pros at KGK9 in Woodinville & Bellevue, WA. Contact Kristi Gravrock for the next class series.